Since its founding in 1976, Onaka-Gumi Co. has grown to one of the leading general construction companies in Japan’s
southernmost prefecture of Okinawa. Your support and encouragement have enabled our success, and we sincerely appreciate
all of those who have participated in our growth and development.


During the last quarter-century of great social and economic change, Onaka-Gumi has been engaged in a wide array of
construction and civil engineering projects. We have followed the shifting tides of change, and now our goal is to become a
pioneer of the 21st century. We endeavor to build our reputation in technological development, quality improvement and safety
management. We are continuing our efforts to strengthen our corporate system and enhance our respect for the environment.


We are proud to announce that we obtained a prestigious certification from the International Organization for Standardization
(ISO) in 2001. This award reflects our policy “to make contributions to our community by providing products that satisfy our
customers” and our company motto of serving our costumers “with heartfelt sincerity.” These guiding principles are the basis
of our business.


With its solid management vision and team of dedicated employees, Onaka-Gumi strives to respond to the needs of our society,
while maintaining harmony with nature and accommodating urban lifestyles. We ask for your continuing support and
encouragement. Together, Onaka-Gumi will build on the foundation of our community and use 21st century concepts to meet
our customers’ changing needs and desires.


Truly yours,


Taisuke Naka

President and CEO
Onaka-Gumi Co. Ltd

September, 2016


Company Name Onaka Gumi Co. Ltd
Head Office 2-1-1 Ohira, Urasoe, Okinawa, Japan 901-2113
(Phone) 098-878-9558   (Fax) 098-878-9516
Date Established May.1976
Capital 100,000,000 yen (JPY)
Corporate Officers Chairman            Ken Naka

President                            Taisuke Naka

Vice President                   Hiroyuki Naka

Senior Executive Director  Toshiro Irei

Senior Executive Director  Keizo Adaniya

Executive Director         Masaru Naka

Executive Officer                        Hitoshi Taira

Executive Officer                        Hidenori Yonaha

Director                                        Sada Naka

Auditor                                         Ritsuko Higa

License Okinawa Prefectural Construction LicensePermit (Specified Prime Contractor) No.3160:Civil Engineering, Architectural, Carpentry,Roofing, Masonry, Mechanical Plumbing,Structural Steel Erection, Painting, InteriorFurnishing, Landscaping, and Sewerage works
Banking Partners Bank of The Ryukyus, The Bank of Okinawa,  Okinawa Kaiho Bank, and MitsubishitokyoUFJ Bank
Business Services ■Civil engineering/construction projects contracting (design and project management)■ Electronic waterworks projects contracting■ Sale of construction materials■ Renting construction equipment■ Real estate sales, purchase and management
Number of employees 127 persons




The company was established in May of 1976 as Naka Construction Ltd., and renamed in 1982 as Onaka-Gumi Corporation with

the capital of 20,000,000 yen. Onaka-Gumi increased its capital to 37,000,000 yen and moved to its current location of Oohira,
Urasoe City, in 1984. The company increased its capital to 49,000,000 yen in 1987 and to 100,000,000 yen in 1990.